LED Ceiling Light 12 w
Rp. 140.000 /unitmin. order: 1 unit

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Fingerprint 2.8
Rp. 975.000 /unitmin. order: 1 unit

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Jual Wireless Signal Detector Anti spy Bug Camera
Wireless Signal Detector Anti spy Bug Camera
Kode Produk:  K-W10
Nama Produk:  Wireless Signal Detector Anti spy Bug Camera
Harga: Rp. 1.750.000 /unit
Minimal Order: 1 unit
Berat: 1.00 kg
Keterangan Produk :

 Wireless Signal Detector Anti spy Bug Camera Full Band Camera Detector

Produk ini menggunakan laser scanning aktif dan metode scanning pasif menggabungkan nirkabel, secara akurat dapat mengidentifikasi: perangkat penyadapan, perangkat pelacakan, menguping mobil, kamera lubang jarum nirkabel, kabel kamera, sumber listrik, dan sebagainya .... Dapat secara efektif mencegah eavesdropping ' rekaman video, penipuan dan melindungi data privasi pribadi dan informasi rahasia.

Harga : Rp 1.750.000,- / unit
Kode Barang : K-W10


This product uses the active laser scanning and passive scanning method of combining wireless, can accurately identify: eavesdropping devices, tracking devices, car eavesdropping, wireless pinhole camera, wired camera, electrical sources, and so on....Can effectively prevent eavesdropping 'videotaping, fraud and protect personal privacy data and information confidential.



    * With automatic detection, the host to carry, at risk when there is eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, casino ye lie. . . . . . Host will prompt your body automatically detects the danger.
    * Has a signal strength indicator, to quickly find the source of the signal at
    * The sensitivity adjustment potentiometer can be adjusted (increased sensitivity to widen the detection range or lower sensitivity to shorten the detection range) radio power at faster to find.
    * Detection modes: a laser probe 2 vibration (silent) 3 beep detection probe detection 4.LED display 5. Headphone mute detection
    * Low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery
    * Laser detection: host window can be seen through the eyes of all inside of the current situation facing the camera lens
    * Wireless Sweep: frequency detection range (1MHZ-605GHZ).

    * Laser detection camera from 10cm-10m (visually recognizable red light flashing)
    * Radio detection of camera range: 5cm-10m (the decision to transmit power from the camera)
    * 500mw-200mw power in the detection range: 30-50cm
    * 300mw-600mw power in the detection range: 100-200cm
    * Power at 800mw - 1200mw detection range: 300cm-1000cm
    * Power :built-in lithium polymer battery 450mah
    * Current consumption :8Mh
    * Probe laser :wavelength of 920nm
    * Receiving frequency range :1MHz-6500MHz
    * Special dedicated optical :lens filter
    * Material: ABS
    * Size: 93mm * 48mm * 17mm
    * Weight: 58g

Use of crowd:
    * People often use bank cards
    * Travel to the hotel for the trip home crowd
    * Easily photographed the beauty of woman
    * Consumer who frequented places of public entertainment
    * Frequented by people who try a variety of shopping malls
    * Respect their privacy and the privacy of others who
    * Contact, keeping business secrets are
    * Anti-photographed, anti-eavesdropping professionals

Application :
    * Detect whether your car or office wireless eavesdropping device installed chant. . .
    * Detect whether the phone tapping or a chant (standby grains transmit signal out)
    * Detect whether your car chanting eavesdropping device installed GPS tracking, GPS tracker. . .
    * Detecting your working environment 'residential buildings have rooftop base station radiation.
    * SMS send and receive signals to detect, signal the mobile Internet, mobile phone signal switch and
    * Detect wireless network signal, cell phone base station signals, wireless surveillance system field strength
    * Detect leaks and other household appliances such as induction of the magnetic radiation hazardous to your health
    * Living environment, to detect whether there are suspicious Cable No.
    * Living environment, to detect whether there is a "killer phone" the strong radiation
    * Detect more subtle 508GHZ candid camera wireless, wireless eavesdropping, wireless monitor signal
    * Check the hotel, toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, locker room wireless pinhole camera
    * Business negotiations, school examiner places, factories, military facilities or government agencies prevent eavesdropping candid
    * Withdrawals in the ATM machine, movie theaters, concerts, art galleries or museums, anti wireless candid-camera
    * Purchase of buildings, whether the first detection of electromagnetic radiation harmful to human health

Instructions for use:
A. Detection Camera:
    * Turn on the power switch, a string of red lights flash
    * Click the laser light switch, back of the instrument six LED flashes
    * Down and move around the instrument, laser scanning of the surrounding environment, observing the eye by the host window. Such as in front of a camera, you will find a strong bright spot in flash (with vibration and audio cues)
    * If you hold down a row switch, LED flashes every 2 seconds, a fast frequency level, then the fourth panel status lights will flash once. A total of eight choices, preferences can be adapted to all types of people
    * In pressing the switch to turn off the laser scanning

B. Detect radio waves (wireless cameras. Wiretapping, etc.):
1.Sound detection:
    * Turn the power switch, power indicator light (blue light)
    * Move around, if the flashing red light, a voice prompt that there are transmitters. Signal becomes stronger, the 4 LED lights at the same time, the sound becomes greatly changed quickly.
    * Pull out the antenna, adjust the potentiometer to the maximum, can widen the search.
    * Gradually shorten the antenna, reverse the potentiometer to reduce the detection range, can eventually find the emission source
    * Insert the headset can also be used.
2.Silent detection:
    * Slide the power switch to the top of the power indicator light (blue light)
    * signal, only the flash and vibration.
    * Other operating above

C. Compass :Enhance this particular feature of this product, it is important for professionals.

D: Low Battery Tips:When the built-in battery voltage is low, the fourth panel status indicator will stop flashing


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