LED Ceiling Light 21 w
Rp. 250.000 /unitmin. order: 1 unit

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Compass Car ( Silver )
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Jual Spy audio wireless 2000 meter
Spy audio wireless 2000 meter
Kode Produk:  S1-A02
Nama Produk:  Spy audio wireless 2000 meter
Harga: Rp. 1.650.000 /unit
Minimal Order: 1 unit
Berat: 1.00 kg
Kategori: SPY AUDIO ( SUARA )
Keterangan Produk :

Spy audio wireless 2000 meter

spy audio ini sangat praktis dan mudah untuk di gunakan, kita dapat mengetahui pembicaraan seseorang dengan meletakan di transmitter di tempat tersembunyi dan kita bisa mendengarkan pembicaraannya tanpa di ketahui.
Alat ini sangat cocok di gunakan di kantor ( meeting, telp ), istri / suami berbicara sesuatu hal.

Harga : Rp 1.650.000,- / unit
Kode Barang S1-A02




1) The 910 professional wireless sound pickup of GM series has characteristics as clear sound,short antenna,small size,sound source wire input and lower use cost,etc.


2) Which using sophisticated high-tech devices,innovative circuit design,US ASIC and STD installation process ,It is applicable to scence monitor and audio transmission ,such as Security Monitoring System,hidden interview, audio visual ation, tourism, anusement, field expedition, the industrial and mining enterprises, and so on.


Technique parameter


1) Frequency band:910A (UHF band),910B(ISM band short antenna)band fixed frequency point,using soft antenna to rod antenna to receive.


2) Transmission distance:2000m(max 5000m)in widen area,which is according to its using conditions.


3) Power supply:the transceivers use high energy Lithium batteries witch can be used for 36 hours to monitos and 16 hours to transmit in total.


4) Sensitivty (all directions )of sound picking up is better than 12db .Differentiate rate is high within 100 square meters .Impedance of audio input circuitry is low.


5) The jack (3.5mm) of the monitor head can be input all kinds of audio signals,such as monitoring audio frequency and MP3 output,and so on.


6) The input signal cab ve regulated for a loud and discortionless sound ,it can use the MP3 as a signal source to test which the provided connecting wire.


7) You can insert a three-way plug to the earphone hole ,thus ,you can connect the sound pickup to the recorder to record the content you heard at the same time as you hearing.

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, USB Charger, Earphone






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